Poach like a pro

A quick lunchtime offering for you.

Have you ever had trouble poaching an egg? I have tried a few methods but have never had much luck. The eggy remnants stuck on the side of the pan are my kitchen pet peeve.

Last week I was faced with an evening in and little to do. Jamie Oliver can sometimes grate on me when I watch him cook, (his food, though, is wonderful) but with nothing much on, I watched as he leapt around the kitchen.

I might be watching his programme more frequently now- I was transfixed by his egg poaching demonstration. His method is pure genius. It works every time and there is no tricky washing up.

Hurrah- I am set for a life full of poaching happiness. And you can be too.

It may look a bit whacky but bear with me:

1. Line a ramekin or cup with cling film. Drizzle in a little oil and swirl around. Crack the egg into the receptacle and season (Jamie adds fancy herbs too).


2. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil. Gather the edges of the cling film together and twist tightly. Add the egg parcel to the water.


3. Cook for around 4 minutes if you like your yolk runny, or 6 if you don’t.

4. Remove the egg from the water and cut the cling film open to release.


Congratulations, you have achieved poaching prowess.

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