Weekend Wishlist

Happy weekend everyone. I hope you’ve been enjoying the sun (not Sun).

While I wait patiently for some bread to (hopefully) rise in the kitchen I thought I’d share my weekend wish list with you.

Cookbooks rarely appear on my wish list as I seem incapable of supressing the urge to buy them for very long. When I have my eye on one, I won’t rest until I have it. My record stands at a pitiful one week.

Nevertheless, there is much more to cooking than cookbooks and at any one time there are always a few bits I’m hankering after.

Top of my list is this:


(see http://www.antevanilla.com)

I love his unicycle colleague even more but never buy pizza. I would justify it as a toast cutter, but that’s probably more blade than is safe first thing in the morning.


I never thought I would become the type of person who buys scented candles. But somewhere along the way, I did. They are excellent at getting rid of cooking smells in small flats.

Identity crisis aside, I can’t think of any scented candle I would want more than Laduree’s Brioche scented candle- how awesome does that sound? I won’t be buying one myself though as- true to the Laduree brand- they are a whopping £38 each. I could make a lot of cake for that sum of money, and the aromas would at least vary. Still, you can’t help a hankering- rational or otherwise.


(see http://www.lamaisoncouture.com)

Thirdly, I have wanted this Churchill quote print for several months now. I will probably put myself out of my misery soon and just buy the damn thing:



Last but not least, I would really love a beautiful glass cake dome. I’m not too fussy about which one; it’s just such a gorgeous way to display home baking. I will have to ponder the feasibility of this one as my storage space is limited and I’m not sure it passes the kitchen ‘essential’ test. Hmm.

This lovely one is from one of my favourite websites:



Ok, over and out. It’s bread time.

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One Response to Weekend Wishlist

  1. Tollhouse Girl says:

    Great wishlist, especially love the print and the scented candle. And the unicyclist and the cake dome. So all of it, really.

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