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Heaven is a place in West London

(Sour Cream Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting) Last weekend I discovered a place I had never dared to dream existed. When I heard about it 3 weeks ago, I immediately planned my trip. Whilst trying not to get my … Continue reading

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Non- accidental Cinnamon Buns

Several weeks ago I ‘accidentally’ made cinnamon buns. I was making cinnamon bread and flung the off cuts into the oven. Twenty minutes later- to my surprise- I pulled a dish of something quite spectacular out of the oven. My … Continue reading

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Dulce de Leche Nut Brownies

I had a thank you to say and what better way to say it than with chocolate brownies? What better Sunday night activity, too? Chocolate brownies are probably the naughtiest thing you can make in the kitchen in the space … Continue reading

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Best Banana Bread

This week I started a new job. In preparation for said job I went out last weekend and purchased bumper packs of Nurofen, tights and bananas. I have a bit of a banana superstition. Along with the a couple of … Continue reading

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Apple and Olive Oil cake with maple icing

Last week, over dinner, a friend asked if I knew of a cake that would improve with keeping. She had barely paused for breath when I blurted out ”Apple and Olive Oil cake.’ Infer from that if you will that … Continue reading

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Thai me up

My dedication to Thai food is such that I participated in a four day cooking course in Thailand two years ago. Thai food makes me happy. For one reason or another, my Thai enthusiasm has taken a back seat of … Continue reading

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Snuggle Loaf, three ways

A nutritionist recently spent 10 minutes telling me about the evils of yeast. My reaction, naturally, was to go away and develop a full blown bread-making obsession. The success of my cinnamon bread last weekend left me with a need … Continue reading

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