Snuggle Loaf, three ways


A nutritionist recently spent 10 minutes telling me about the evils of yeast. My reaction, naturally, was to go away and develop a full blown bread-making obsession.

The success of my cinnamon bread last weekend left me with a need to knead. This time a week ago, I had never really made bread; now, it’s my new favourite thing.

This bread recipe actually came from the same website as the cinnamon bread- it caught my eye immediately during a quick browse of the website’s other recipes. The recipe is officially called ‘braided lemon bread’ but I felt that ‘snuggle loaf’ was more appropriate. The name is inspired by a cookbook I was given by a friend in which there is a recipe for ‘snuggle loaf’, a chocolate-filled bread.

The title is full of promise, and justifyably so. I can’t think of anything more cosy or happy-making to eat than this.

If yeast is the devil, then the devil is fair.

The recipe makes two large loaves that contain a cream cheese and lemon curd filling. I made a double batch: if you’re making bread you may was well go large. At this juncture we reach the second reason for the name change: I filled two the traditional way, but decided to fill the third with a naughty Nutella concoction and the fourth with good old raspberry jam. Essentially, you can use any filling you wish. The dough itself is not very sweet so would lend itself well to savoury fillings too: there is a snuggle for every mood.

This bread is actually a lot like a big Danish pastry, but for the butter-packed pastry part. Perfect for a weekend brunch, or just with a cup of tea.

Did I mention that it smells like croissants when it’s cooking?


I was a little surprised, admittedly, by the size of the final product. It is really quite giant. No matter- they say that too much of a good thing is never enough. These beauties are destined for the freezer, to be reawakened one very happy day.

This bread was very easy to make though inevitably time demanding. I don’t think I can fault the recipe. What’s more, the website has a blog which very helpfully demonstrates how to achieve the braid effect. Click here for the link.

This has been the perfect afternoon: sun streaming through the windows, a wardrobe disposed of through Freecycle, and a bread project to get excited about. Not for the first time I realise that I am happiest when baking.


The dough, freshly kneaded.


Two hours later and double the size.


The dough of one loaf, rolled out and spread with the cream cheese mixture.


Adding the desired filling (lemon curd here) and cutting the braids.




The Nutella snuggle.


The loaf, after rise number two. I think somebody’s ready for the oven.


I had to make a mini one so I could try some today, of course.


A host of beautiful flowers, and an empty plate…

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3 Responses to Snuggle Loaf, three ways

  1. Tollhouse Girl says:

    Seriously impressive, the Nutella Snuggle Loaf looks particularly amazing

  2. Update: I have just tried the Nutella snuggle loaf and oh my goodness….there are no words.

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