Thai me up

My dedication to Thai food is such that I participated in a four day cooking course in Thailand two years ago. Thai food makes me happy.

For one reason or another, my Thai enthusiasm has taken a back seat of late. That all changed this week when I stumbled upon a picture of ‘Thai chicken with noodles’. The picture was on a blog called Damn Delicious.

Since finding the blog last week I have followed it every day. Its author is based in Los Angeles, where I spent a very happy year of my degree; the blog administers a welcome fix of Americanisms and references to LA life.

I can’t extol the virtues of Thai food enough: it’s fresh, quick to make, and usually healthy. If like me you ever get cravings for hot food, then the chilli component in many Thai dishes ticks that box too. For me, a bowl of spicy, flavoursome noodles is comfort food at its best.

Many people are put off Thai recipes because the ingredient list can appear demanding. That may be so, but once you have the main ingredients they keep for a long time and frequently crop up in other recipes. Fresh ginger- often a key ingredient- can conveniently be kept in the freezer. Just grate from frozen as required.


So anyway, I made the Thai chicken with noodles…and it was a very happy reunion. Full marks for its use of chicken thighs rather than breasts, too- they have much more flavour, don’t dry out and are more reasonably priced. I only used half the required sugar and next time would add more red pepper because I liked the texture contrast.

The only thing you need to remember when making Thai food is to have the ingredients ready when you start cooking. Thai cooking is very quick once you get going and setting everything out in advance means that you can then relax.

And another thing: if chopping a large quantity of chillies for whatever reason, latex gloves are a must. I had always considered that advice superfluous- until I had to spend a full 12 hours with my hands in cold water because it felt like my fingers were burning off. It was undoubtedly the worst pain I have ever been in.

(my chilli jar)

I expect that my kitchen will now enjoy something of a Thai revival. Watch this space for a flurry of wok activity.

Click here for the Damn Delicious link (it should be the second one down).

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