Dulce de Leche Nut Brownies


I had a thank you to say and what better way to say it than with chocolate brownies? What better Sunday night activity, too?

Chocolate brownies are probably the naughtiest thing you can make in the kitchen in the space of 10 minutes. This exotic, elegant variety is no exception.

I’d been wanting to try a David Lebovitz recipe for a while when I stumbled upon this one. Lebovitz is an American chef and foodie living in Paris and I have become a big fan of his website. I am dying to get my hands on his ice cream bible of a book (brown bread or candied bacon ice cream anyone?).

According to Lebovtiz, all brownies improve with freezing; I fell hook, line and sinker when he went on to admit that he likes them best directly from the ‘icebox’ (I recently discovered this about cookies, but will leave that less flattering story for another time).

If you can’t get hold of dulce de leche, fear not. I used a can of condensed milk I’d had lying around for far too long. Just empty it into a dish, put that dish in a deeper dish and pour boiling water into the bigger pan until it comes half way up the side of the smaller one. Cover with foil and cook for about 1 hour at 220 degrees Celsius, replenishing the water bath as required. It will look a mess when it comes out, but some vigorous whisking once it’s cool will put paid to that.

It may have been taken using my phone, but I think the photo says it all, really….

To be introduced to David Lebovitz and his fantastic recipe click here.


Making dulce de leche.


The batter, pre-oven.


Roll up, roll up.

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