Ottolenghi Love


Sometimes a girl just wants to be surrounded by beautiful things.

It’s been a week where very few things haven’t gone a bit pear shaped. Over the weekend three things have done an excellent job at shaking me out of my numb, disinterested existence- walking past a beautiful flower stall, browsing pretty clothes shops and a trip to Ottolenghi. I realise that sounds horrifically insipid. Rest assured that I feel more than a little queasy admitting that all. Am I failing at life? Probably.

My Ottolenghi trip was entirely pre- meditated and I even spent an extra ten minutes running yesterday in the name of Ottolenghi cake. It was the easiest extra mile of my life. Strangely, I haven’t wanted anything sweet recently, so I opted for a cake with cheese-cakey icing.

(window display at Ottolenghi)

Ottolenghi cakes are achingly beautiful (if you can use that term for food) in both style and substance. This cake may look like a heart attack with a strawberry on top (it is top heavy to say the least), but it’s actually not very sweet at all. A far cry from the American style cupcake, then. The icing is a very light whipped mascarpone/ cream combo (I suspect).

I am pleased to confirm that order was restored at 5pm today, in bright sunshine and to Paolo Nutini’s dulcet tones.

It’s good to know that when everything else is a whirlwind, cake is a constant.


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